Westlake Akishima (formerly Akishima Chemical Industries) was founded in 1946 and has been part of the global NAKAN group since 1992.

We are supplying many specialty additives for PVC, suitable for a wide range of applications from hard to soft polyvinyl chloride, all of our products are heavy-metal free and low VOC, several are FDA compliant and phenol-free. They are widely used on several key markets in Japan and abroad like:

  • Building & Construction Market
    • Sheets and Films (i.e. LVT, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Wallpaper)
    • Water-proof Membranes (i.e. Tarpaulin, Geo-membranes)
    • Electric Wires Insulation
  • Automotive Industry
    • Artificial Leather (Interior Trim, Seats)
    • Wire & Harness
  • Consumer Goods
    • Food Wrapping Film
    • Toys
    • Artificial Leather (Notebook Casings, Furniture)
    • Recreational (Outdoor Pools, Sheets)

In recent years we have also enriched our portfolio with products that are environmentally friendly, based on technologies developed through our long history and the accumulated knowledge about PVC (over 50 patents), we are able to develop original products fine-tuned to meet customers and market needs and provide solutions to some of your most challenging problems.