Equipment Testing Picture
Two-roll mill machine Formation of PVC sheet
Evaluation of plate-out, lubricity, gelation and thermal stability
Gear oven Evaluation of thermal stability and heat aging property

Automatic oven


Evaluation of thermal stability and heat aging property

Electric press machine  Hue, color change, thermal stability, transparency
Plastograph  Measurement of processability, melt viscosity, thermal stability, color change evaluation.
Flow tester Measurement of viscosity and flow rate
FT-IR  Sample structure analysis
Particle Size Analyzer Size distribution of particles in a powder sample
Colorimeter Color, Yellowness index, ΔE
Temperature and humidity testing aging, heat aging, bloom, bleed printability

Low temperature incubator

Evaluation of storage stability
Accelerated weather resistance tester (S-UV) Evaluation of weather resistance (color change, surface property)
Karl fisher  Moisture measurement
Gas Chromatography Analysis of organic compounds
Digital impact test Charpy, izod impact test
Oil bath Congo Red heat stability test
Angle of repose tester Angle of repose
Precision Balance Material weighing
Electronic Balance Material weighing
Bulk density measuring instrument  Bulk Density
Gloss meter Measurement of surface glossiness
Haze meter Measurement of light transmittance
Distillation apparatus Mixture purification
Mixer Agitation of powder material