Test equipment Function Picture
Foaming machine Polyurethane foaming
Low temperature incubator Storage stability test
Slush oven Processability
Precision balance
FT-IR Sample structure analysis
Atomic absorption photometer Qualitative quantitative analysis of metals
Color difference meter Hue and color difference mesurement
Thermo-hygrostat Change over time, heat aging, bloom, bleed printability
Digital impact test machine Charpy, izod, impact test machine
Electric press machine Hue, color change, thermal stability
Gas chromatography Analysis of organic matter
Two-roll mill machine Formation of sheet
Plate-out property
Release property
Gloss meter Measurement of surface glossiness
Haze meter Measurement of light transmittance
Electronic balance Material weighing
Flow tester Measurement of viscosity and flowability of compound
Electric cutter Sheet, board cutting
Prototype mixer Agitation of powder material
Water bath Concentration of solution
Draft chamber Organic synthesis
Distillation apparatus Pure water generator
Constant temperature water tank
magnetic stirrer
Mantle heater
Vacuum pump
Plust graph Measurement of processability, melt viscosity, thermal stability, evaluation of color change
Gear oven Evaluation of thermal stability and heat aging property
Karl fisher Moisture measurement
Accelerated weather resistance tester (S-UV) Evaluation of weather resistance (color change, surface property)
Repose angle measuring instrument Angle of repose
Bulk density measuring instrument Bulk density