Our core values are at the heart of how Westlake conducts business. These core values guide us as we work to bring excellence to our operations and customers and earn the respect of our communities. Our core values are:


The health and safety of our employees and communities, and the vigilant stewardship of the environment and sustainability, are of utmost importance and at the forefront of everything we do.


The integrity, creativity, dedication, diversity and drive of our employees allow us to excel. We support, develop and inspire our people to achieve their personal best and treat them with dignity and respect.


Our commitment to quality products and service is so strong that both are symbolized as the two check marks that form the Westlake “W” in our logo. We seek to maintain this commitment through an intensive practice of “never-ending process of improvement.”


We are committed to enhancing the lives of people in the global marketplace every day. We do this by providing innovative and useful products, maintaining high standards of customer service and operational excellence with a constant focus on managing costs.


We recognize the importance of supporting the communities in which we work and live and make it a priority to take an active role in making these communities better.